Saturday, March 18, 2017

Flash News: Get 2 Years STAY BACK VISA if you're ready to move Ireland

But how?

Many of the Indians move abroad to make their career wealthy, especially students, working guys, business person, etc. They are allowed to stay there until the visa time expired. Sometimes, this law make unhappy to students, working guys specifically.

Hence, the Irish Government has recently announced that they provide a new "2 YEAR STAY BACK VISA" to International students. Of course, the Post Study Work Permit is granted for 2 years now! With this great news, there has been an enormous increase of students interest to choose Ireland as an Education Destination especially at the Masters Level especially from Chennai.
Griffith as you know has a large portfolio of programs in IT , BUSINESS and now also into Pharmaceutical Masters.

In this meantime, Griffith College, Ireland will be going to conduct ON-SPOT ADMISSION for Indian students in BroadMind Chennai on 28th March 2017, 4 PM. For registration and further details, please contact our Ireland Education Consultant at +91-9790950111 (either Call or WhatsApp) or send an email to

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