Monday, August 25, 2014

A Great Opportunity for Madurai Students to Study Abroad and Overseas Employment

Broadmind has been interviewed by the leading News Media "Times of Adventure" recently and here is the screenshot below for your reference. It takes just 5 minutes to go through this article! Hope this article would serve as a guide for your successful life :)

Broadmind Consultant article in Times of Adventure Newspaper
Broadmind - Overseas Education Consultant in Madurai

What THE HINDU news media says - Opportunity Knocks Once!

What Broadmind says - Clever student make ideas, but wise candidate implement ideas on time!

So, don't miss this wonderful opportunity! Please avail it from today onwards to shine your career and also to bring your heart & face happy :)

We say the "Choice is Yours" and it's upon you only! So, please take time and make good decision to choose better career and light up your future with the help of Broadmind. We are ready to serve you at any instant.

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